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I'm a trained Positive Psychology Coach, former full-time ordained Buddhist psychology teacher and monk, as well as a professional drummer with many years of national, international touring, and recording studio experience. Additionally, I guide and mentor drummers of all ages and skill levels via private one-on-one lessons. Click for Resume.

My ultimate goal:

Today, my focus is on converging my life's experience in a beneficial way. With this goal in mind, I established my Positive Psychology Coaching practice, dedicated to helping people of all kinds navigate inner understanding and the sometimes rocky road of complex modern life.

My history:

In a music career spanning over twenty years, I’ve worked with renowned producers and engineers in every major studio in the Los Angeles area. I’ve also toured and recorded internationally with punk rock icon, Nina Hagen, among others.

In 2009, I left the music industry to single-pointedly pursue the disciplines of introspection and meditation. 
Eventually, I became a Buddhist monk, and after years of structured training, began teaching Buddhist philosophy and psychology full-time via retreats, workshops, and college-level courses.

Driven by an inherent need to grow and learn, and creative ambition, I eventually transitioned away from the ordained monk way of life, and after re-establishing myself as a performing and recording drummer, I began offering private lessons to a select number of students.

Since then, I've continued pursuing my personal development by training to become a positive psychology coach, through my daily insight meditation practice, and by dedicating myself to constantly improving as a musician.


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Psychology Coach

  • Talk about challenges.

  • Set goals.

  • Create a practical plan for improving.


Tailored to suit the goals of
students at all levels.


  • In-studio recording sessions.

  • Custom remote recorded drum tracks.

  • Live performances.

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