Positive Psychology Coach 


Positive Psychology and Creativity Coaching

As a Positive Psychology Coach, I help people feel more connected and meaningful in their lives by guiding them to better understand their mind's relationship to their experiences and then giving them methods to improve.


I'm a trained Positive Psychology Counselor and former full-time
Buddhist psychology teacher and ordained monk with many years of training as a teacher and personal counselor.
I do not diagnose mental illnesses, nor do I prescribe medication. What I offer is assistance with an array of life's challenges such as transitions, relationships, career changes, self-care, and defining identity.

With care and empathy, my goal is to create an environment where you can talk about your challenges, recognize that you can make changes, set realistic goals, and develop a practical plan of approach. A coaching session is a good way to help you develop your own voice, your own inner resolve, and your sense of self.

Whatever problem you might be having, you are certainly not alone. We all encounter challenges in life, and the first step is to talk about whatever it is that you think is going on. A conversation with a positive psychology counselor can help facilitate the focus and clarity you need to find achievable solutions.

I've pursued the understanding and training of my mind through intensive meditation practices, logging over 1000 hours of dedicated silent meditation retreat time on top of my daily practice, as well as many years of formal study of Buddhist texts and meditation techniques resulting in my ordination as a Buddhist monk, and my becoming a full-time teacher of Buddhist psychology and philosophy.

Pragmatically grounded in my personal experience, in addition to my formal training as a Buddhist teacher & positive psychology coach, I offer 50 min goal-oriented counseling services on a sliding scale. Contact me to schedule a cost-free initial consultation.


Client Focus

Elders 65+
Adolescents / Teenagers


Although I do not accept insurance,
my fees are based on a sliding scale.
$60 - $100 per session
  • Talk about your challenges.

  • Set goals.

  • Create a practical plan for improving.

5 minute biopic from my time as a Buddhist monk

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