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Creative Coaching

In a Creative Coaching framework, I work with creative people who want to ignite new ideas, overcome blockages, and better connect with others so they can feel more confident and fruitful in their work.

The science, technology, and psychology of creativity.


Throughout my life, the two fields of study I've been most passionate about are music and the study of the mind through insight meditation and spiritual exploration.

I studied music intensively at university, in private lessons, and as an autodidact, with countless hours of practicing the drumset, and contemplation of creative mental processes. I've had a long career as a professional musician, touring the world, working in major recording studios, and navigating the music industry on all levels.
I've pursued the understanding and training of my mind through intensive meditation practices, logging over 1000 hours of dedicated silent meditation retreat time on top of my daily practice, as well as many years of formal study of Buddhist texts and meditation techniques resulting in my ordination as a Buddhist monk, and my becoming a full-time teacher of Buddhist psychology and philosophy.
Click here to watch a 5 min documentary about me from the time I was ordained.
My creative coaching practice marries these two fields in a way that allows me to help creative people of all kinds; musicians, artists, dancers, actors, writers, coders, graphic artists, filmmakers, etc. deal with the ups, downs, blockages, questions, and complications that can, and often do, arise for creatives. Here are some sample subjects and techniques we might work with:

  • Understanding the creative mental process.

  • The spiritual artistic element.

  • Practice methodologies.

  • Collaboration techniques.

  • Dealing with ego.

  • Working with rejection.

  • Practical methods to facilitate new ideas.

  • Positive career choices.

  • The applied science of learning.

  • Performance anxiety.

  • Performance preparation.

  • Talk about your challenges.

  • Set goals.

  • Create a practical plan for improving.

Pragmatically grounded in my personal experience, in addition to my formal training as a Buddhist teacher & positive psychology coach, I offer 45 - 60 min counseling services on a sliding scale.
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Client Focus

Elders 65+
Adolescents / Teenagers


Although I do not accept insurance,
my fees are based on a sliding scale.
$60 - $100 per session

5 minute biopic from my time as a Buddhist monk

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